Beth Armstrong

Christian wife, mom, & author. Doing life with my eyes fixed on Jesus. I walk, I stumble, I fall. But God is big. And this is what I write about… Thanks for stopping by!


About me…what an interesting topic. What do I say that will capture your attention? What do I put here that won’t bore you to tears? What do I put on this “About Beth Armstrong” page that you will care one iota about? I have no idea…but let me give it a whirl…

I grew up in the Kansas City area. I graduated from Oklahoma State University (and yes…I’m an avid fan). I’ve been married to the same guy for over 25 years. We have a couple sons in college who occasionally like to hang out with us. For the last several years, I’ve been asking myself the poignant question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” You’d think a 50-year-old woman would have some clue by now, huh? Well…not this chick. Sometimes the expanse between what I want and what God wants is vast. I bet you can relate, huh?

Since 2013 I have worked at an assisted living community. Currently I am the Director of Public Relations and Activities. That’s kind of a fancy title which just basically means I hang out with older folks and do things for them like manicures, call Bingo, play movies, Wii Bowl, etc. But most importantly I get to spend time with them, encourage them, and love on them. Who knew I would be so blessed? I have no idea what God is up to in this adventure, but I must tell you I have learned so much from Him…and them.

In 2009, my first book (What’s Prayer Got To Do With It?) was published. I tell people it was a labor of love–sometimes the emphasis was on labor, sometimes on love. And speaking of love, I’d love for you to read it. I frequently get asked, “When’s the next book coming out, Beth?” Honestly, I don’t know. For those of you wishing I’d write again, I guess the blog will have to suffice for now.

So what else do you need to know about me? I have a fabulous family that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I treasure my friends that I get to do life with. What a blessing they are. I love to watch sports, go to church, try new restaurants, be outside, pray for people, read, teach from God’s Word, cook, play my guitar, and hang out.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope you enjoy what you read. And it’s even okay if you don’t. Feel free to leave a comment or two here and there. I dig hearing from people. And even if you don’t do that, please know that of all the different “clicks” you made (and will continue to make) today, I appreciate you “clicking” on me. I humbly say THANKS!


Beth Armstrong



  1. Elizabeth Krueger on said:

    I am so blown away!!! I always knew there was a silent sweetness in you but never would have known how very deep it ran if I had not run across your link on facebook. I would love to find out more about you speaking schedule. Also more about you coming to speak. I would love to have you come speak at a women’s event at the church I attend! Hopefully, with God, it will work out!


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