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When I was in middle school my mom invited my band teacher over for dinner. Although I liked my band teacher, this is embarrassment and awkwardness times 10 to a kid. As the night progressed, somehow it came up in conversation that she had something broken on her car. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but seemed like it was a bumper or headlight issue. So my mom, genius of all geniuses, suggested using duck tape to fix the problem. (Insert even more embarrassment by the mere thought of suggesting duck tape to be the solution to her problem.)

But sure enough, my parents and my band teacher went outside, duck tape in hand, and “fixed” her car problem.

Interesting what we use to “fix” our problems, isn’t it? If only there was a duck tape for life’s big issues, right?

People in ancient times didn’t know anything about duck tape. Bless ‘em. But not unlike us, I think what people hoped for in Jesus’ day was a solution to their problems. And to be honest, Jesus certainly showed promise as He challenged authority, healed people, fed folks, and caused the world to think upside down and inside out.

Could He be? Might He be the solution?

Did He fix their problems? Did He wipe out all their struggles? No. Jesus simply came into the world, sank deep into the muck of all its brokenness, and took it all onto Himself.

John Updike, author of More Matter, wrote “…men and women are radically imperfect and radically valuable.” Jesus, more than anyone else, knew this about people. And that’s why He came.

I don’t think Jesus came to fix your problems. He said Himself, “In this world you will have trouble…” Nor do I think He’s the solution to your troubles.

Jesus is not your duck tapeJesus came to know you. To do life with you. To love you even though you are “radically imperfect.” Jesus came not to offer solutions, but to offer salvation. Salvation is a bigger deal than solutions.

You are radically imperfect.

You are radically valuable.

And Jesus is not your duck tape.


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