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I walked in the building, went upstairs, sat down at my desk, and turned on my computer. It was early. It was quiet. Nobody was around. I was ready to bust out a few key things before my busy day started. And then…out of nowhere…there she was. Who is she? She’s the woman from part 1.

She pulled up a chair at the table beside my desk. She asked if I could look up a particular city on the computer for her. I’d never heard of it. I tried looking it up, but there was no city by that name. She fumbled around a bit, offered the same city, but a couple different states. She seemed a bit confused.

Clearly this was another interruption. Ugh!

Finally, after hitting a few dead ends, I asked her why we were looking this up.

“They found my son,” she said.

“Oh?” (I vaguely remember a few months back a conversation about not knowing where her son was.) If you read part 1, you’d have a hunch that I didn’t really want to engage her in a conversation because it might last way longer than I’d like it to. Plus, I was on a mission to get things done before the busyness began.

I have a hard time liking this woman. She drives me crazy. She’s nice. Kinda funny sometimes. She’s very, very complimentary and encouraging to everyone. She always has something nice to say to other people, which makes her sound delightful, right?

But… (Isn’t there always a ‘but’?)

She has quite a past…and present. She has a history of sexual abuse, assault, run-ins with the law, bankruptcy, etc. Since she came to our facility, she’s moved from boyfriend to boyfriend. She’s one of the poster children for the old country song “Lookin’ For Love in all the Wrong Places.” This maybe too much information, but she’s not “happy” unless she’s in the arms (or the bed) of a man. She’s the product of one bad choice after another. Hence my struggle. Even after being given wise counsel by me and some other staff members, she goes ahead and makes the bad choices anyway.

So, back to my “interruption.”

“They found my son.”

“Oh?” Looking at my computer, so she might take the hint that I’m busy.

“Yeah. They found him somewhere in the woods, dead, with a gunshot to his head.”

Okay…can you say INTERRUPTION?!?

My heart dropped. My conviction spiked. Five seconds ago, I didn’t want to give this woman the time of day.

I took my hands off my keyboard, spun my chair around, and fully engaged.

I wonder if God places these interruptions in our lives to see if we’re paying attention—not to the person or situation that’s happening—but to God Himself.

Could it be that God is saying, “Okay, I have something I want to accomplish in you and through you. Are you ready? Are you up for the challenge?” But we—in our own self-centered world—totally miss the opportunity.

Could it be that God is saying, “I want to take you on a journey. I want to teach you something profound. Are you willing to walk with Me?” But we—caught up in the busyness of self—aren’t fully engaged.

Could it be that God is saying over and over again, “Life’s not about you. It’s about Me. I want to use this interruption for My glory. I want to use this interruption to plant a seed. I want to use this interruption in ways that are beyond you.”

When I stop to think of the many times Jesus was interrupted, I certainly believe God may have a point here. Jesus’ teaching was interrupted when the guys lowered their paralyzed friend through the roof. Jesus’ travel was interrupted by the two blind guys on the side of the road. Jesus’ dinner was interrupted by a sinful woman.

One interruption after another. Why? God wanted to accomplish His purpose through His Son, Jesus.

I’m learning…slowly…

I want to be like Jesus. But, I also want that on my own terms, in my own timing, in my own way. Isn’t that ridiculous?

As I said in part 1, I’m a work in progress…maybe you should interrupt me.







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  1. Sarah Sporrer on said:

    Gosh! Such a great lesson! Thanks for being so real.


  2. Beth Liebling on said:

    Ha! Ha! I have been through this scenario so many times…applying boundaries…setting time limits…and it seems to always be more about me and what God is doing in me! What boundless love and patience He has with ME – Thanks, Beth
    BTW new email address…


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