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Most people don’t like feet. They don’t like other peoples’ feet, nor do they like their own. They’re smelly. They’re gross. They’re funky looking. They’re misshapen and calloused. Hairy toes, bunions, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, heel spurs, corns, warts, gout. See? The list goes on and on. Maybe God spent a little less time on feet than other parts of our body when He created us.

I’m not foot fan either. But one thing’s for sure…the late Reverend Billy Graham had beautiful feet. That’s right, I said beautiful. And I know this for a fact. How? Let me tell you…

The arena was packed. We were seated in the upper level. I had heard of Billy Graham as a kid growing up. My grandmother was a big fan, frequently sharing stories about him or his ministry that she heard or read. I reckon my parents were fans as well. And I suppose that’s why we went to hear him when he was in town about 40 years ago.

Since I grew up in a home where we went to church (a lot, because we were Baptists at the time), there was prayer, Bible studies, some type of ministry always being done. I knew who God was. I knew Jesus was God’s Son. I’d heard it all before.

But as I sat there in the arena that night (probably wishing I was anywhere else), the words of Billy Graham penetrated my heart. Somehow, someway, he connected all the dots I’d heard before. At the end of his preaching, he gave an invitation. It was an invitation to respond to the Good News he’d spent the last 30-45 minutes sharing. It was an invitation to have God be at the center of my life. It was an invitation to follow Jesus. It was an invitation to have a real, living, breathing relationship with the God who created me.

It was at that moment, I knew I wanted what he had. I knew I wanted to follow Jesus. I wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like going forward, but I knew I wanted to spend an eternity in the presence of the Creator of the universe.

As the choir sang the classic, timeless hymn Just As I Am, Billy invited everyone who wanted what I did to come down to the lower level and stand in front of him on the floor of the arena. As I felt the tug on my heart to do so, I also felt the awkward, and uncomfortable fact that if I did, people would stare. My parents would find out. All the other people in the arena would know that Beth Armstrong just admitted she was sinful. That Beth Armstrong just admitted she couldn’t live life on her own. That Beth Armstrong needed a Savior.

I couldn’t stand the thought. There would be endless questions and discussions to follow and I wanted no part of that. So, I stayed seated. When the masses of people finally arrived on the floor of the arena, Billy invited them all to pray simply, admitting their need, asking God to take over their lives. Though I didn’t join the crowd in proximity, I joined them in proclamation. I prayed that prayer. I said yes to Jesus. I responded to the Good News. And I began a spiritual journey that night while seated in the suddenly-near-empty upper level of the arena.

beautiful feetRomans 10:15 reads, “And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’”

Billy Graham preached.

Billy Graham was sent.

So you see…Billy Graham indeed had beautiful feet.

Though I have far less than perfect feet, I long for them to be even a smidgen as beautiful as Billy Graham’s.


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  1. Melody Shaw on said:

    Thanks Beth, beautifully said. I think that is so awesome that is where you went forward and gave your life to Christ. I can relate to your post, as I remember growing up listening to Billy Graham with my parents as well. I never went to hear him speak in person , but I remember many times watching him on television preaching. He just drew you in and I remember being very drawn to him.
    Thank you again for another amazing post.

    Melody Shaw

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  2. Terra Coff on said:

    Well said.


  3. Bill Pearce on said:

    I can say as Beth’s father (she calls me “Pops” now) that seated next to her that night 40 years ago I had a strong sense that God was at work in her heart. I even felt like asking her if she would like it if I were to go forward with her but decided better of it. I knew that this was all between her and the Lord.

    Yes, her mom & I took Beth deliberately to hear Billy Graham. I had heard him some 30+ years before when I was in college. During that period Jesus became very real in my own life.

    It was a blessing to us to learn much later that this was the time she trusted Christ.


  4. Kim Morris on said:

    In all our years of friendship I had never heard the story of that moment you asked Christ into your heart and to become Lord of your life. I too was a young girl when I gave my life to Christ and with the passing of Billy Graham and your devotion, it has reminded me of the precious people in my life at that time that so impacted me with the Word of God and their love. Although I have never heard Mr. Graham speak in person, I had the opportunity 2 years ago with some friends to visit Billy Grahams library and it was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. No way do you walk out of that building without tears running down your face and fired up all at the same time. Even within a library of Billy Grahams life he makes you examine your personal walk with God and then challenges you to do something greater then yourself with it. Thank you Bethie for allowing God to speak through you and for the ability to share it like you do.


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