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He’s six years old. Blond hair, blue eyes, and very cute. He used to be shy and cower down any time I spoke to him. But not anymore.

I was sitting on my deck one evening last week. All of a sudden I heard his little, but very fired up voice, “Beth, Beth, Beth…guess what…I went to Power Play today and it was awesome!”

I could hear him, but couldn’t see him. But I responded anyway, “Wow! How cool!”

He kept going…“And you know what else? They had bumper cars in there, and they were so awesome!”

By this time I was scanning his back yard to find him because this little guy was so amped I wanted to engage him in further conversation. Finally I located him…up in the tree. So I walked over to the fence to get more of the story.

“And you know what else?”

“No. What?”

“My dad and me rode the bumper cars together and it was even more awesome!”

“You did? That’s so cool!” (At this point, I’m noticing a theme.)

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…and Beth, Beth, Beth…I went to the computer lab today at summer school and it was awesome!”

“Wow! You’ve had a full day, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, but Beth, Beth…you know what else? They have awesome video games in the computer lab and I even know how to work ‘em. And we got to play today, and it was the most awesome-est of anything awesome!”

By this time the “awesome” energy that exuded from my little six year old neighbor, had come down off the tree, jumped the fence, and entered me. I was fired up and I hadn’t even done anything.

I cherished this conversation I had last week. It reminded me that life is fun. It reminded me that life is full of adventure. It reminded me that life–when looking through fresh, young, energized eyes–is full of potential for excitement and joy.

I need to bottle up what Gage was giving away freely that day. I need to have that kind of joy, excitement, and energy more often. I’d probably be worn slick, but hey…you only live once.

I was busy working on my other blog today (over at Clutter Interrupted) when the doorbell rang. It was Gage. He said, “Beth, can you help me?”

I've Finally Found Awesome!“Sure,” I said, as I followed him out to my yard. He led me to a tree and pointed out several dried up cicada shells which were located way out of his reach.

“Can you reach all those for me?”

“Yep. I’ll be glad to. These are really cool. What are you going to do with all of them?”

“I’m going to put them in a bottle.”

Gage can bottle up as many cicada shells as he’d like. I’m going to bottle up some of that fresh, innocent, excitement and energy. And guess what? It’s gonna be awesome!





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  1. Sarah on said:

    About as “awesome” as it gets…next to the love of Jesus! Great story!!

  2. Connie Phillips on said:

    What an AWESOME story!!!

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