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Doubting Thomas got a bad rap. Bless the guy! Yeah, yeah…I know…he did have a huge moment of doubt, but don’t we all? Didn’t a whole host of other people in the Bible have some major doubts as well?

  • Abraham doubted God when he was told he and his ancient wife would have a kid.
  • John the Baptist, who was sure Jesus was the Lamb of God, later had one of his buddies go ask Him, “Are you really the One?”
  • When Jesus took Martha to the tomb of her dead brother (who’d been dead for 4 days) and wanted to roll the stone away from his tomb, she objected, “No…no…that’s not a good idea…that’ll stink to high heaven!”
  • Peter, who was literally walking on water with Jesus, had a brief moment of wigging out and then started to sink.
  • Gideon didn’t believe God either, and he even put God to a test…not once, but twice.

So why do we pick on Doubting Thomas? Why has Thomas’ reputation of being a doubter the one which has withstood time for the last 2,000 years?

Beats me!

But here’s what I do know…Thomas was gut-level honest in his doubt about Jesus’ resurrection. He emphatically said he wouldn’t believe unless he saw the nail wounds in Jesus’ hands, touched those same nail wounds, and put his hand into Jesus’ side where He’d been pierced with a spear. And here’s what else I know…Jesus showed up and met every one of Thomas’ conditions one by one. He met Thomas right where he was in the midst of his doubt.

You see, doubting isn’t such a bad thing in my mind. Doubting leads to questions. Questions lead to seeking. Seeking leads to finding. Finding leads to answers. Answers lead to faith. Faith leads to a connection to God. A connection to God leads to a relationship with God. A relationship with God leads to a commitment to God. A commitment to God leads to an eternity with Him.

So why do we pick on Doubting Thomas? The way I see it, it was his doubt that led to an encounter with the risen Lord. He had to come face-to-face with the Living God. And it was his encounter with Jesus that led him to his declaration of who Jesus was to him. When he came to a point where he finally knew Jesus was who He said He was, Thomas said, “My Lord and my God.”

In the midst of Thomas’ doubt, God reached out to him. God met Thomas where he was. God revealed Himself to Thomas. And God helped Thomas overcome his doubt. You see, that’s the kind of God we have. He doesn’t wanna leave us hanging, floundering, and wallowing in a pit of doubt. God wants to meet our conditions and reveal Himself to us like only God can do.

Where does your doubt lead you?

Where does your doubt lead you? Closer to or further away from a God who wants to meet you where you are? My prayer for you today is that you, like Thomas, would have an encounter with the Living God, that you would in a sense come face-to-face with this God who longs to reveal Himself to you and help you overcome your doubt.

Jesus said, “Everything is possible for one who believes.” And like the man with the demon-possessed son cried out to Jesus, so shall we: “I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief” (Mark 9:23-24).


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  1. Excellent word! We all have & have had them, but the positive choice is to seek to know Him more. The alternative only takes us down into the pit.

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