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We were all gathered in my in-law’s basement for our family Christmas celebration. They have a kitchen downstairs which was fully stocked with all kinds of special desserts. They even busted out the special coffee for this event! I grabbed some pecan pie and a cup of coffee. I carefully doctored my coffee with a little creamer and some sugar from the sugar bowl and headed down the short hallway back to the family. I was so looking forward to diving in to this heavenly dessert and delicious coffee. When I sat down, I took a sip of my coffee, anticipating my palette to be enticed by the creamy, hot goodness. However, as soon as the coffee hit my mouth, I wanted to spit it out! I immediately looked at my cup trying to figure out what in the world I had just drunk. My mind played tricks on me as I stared into my cup thinking, “Did I just drink the gravy from dinner?”

You see, what I quickly figured out was that it wasn’t sugar in the sugar bowl at all. It was salt! It wasn’t sweet, creamy goodness that I tasted in my coffee. It was bitter, salty grossness. Yuck!

When you taste something absolutely divine, you probably have a certain response that immediately comes out of your mouth. For instance, you might say something like, “Oh wow! This is heavenly!” Or, “Mmm…that’s incredible!” You long for more of this delectable dish. And if there are others around you, you may even insist on them taking a bite of whatever you’re having. It’s as if this food is so fabulous, you don’t want others to miss out. You want them to partake of it and experience the delight you are experiencing.

King David had a similar expression (or reaction) in the Old Testament, only he wasn’t talking about food. In Psalm 34:8, he said, “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” (NIV). Some of the older translations render it this way: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Just like our experience with delicious food, there is a longing here on David’s part. There’s a sense in which he is saying, “I want you to know what I know about God. I want you to experience what I experience with God. I want you to have what I have regarding a relationship with the God of the universe!” So he says to all of us, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Note the “Oh” at the beginning of the sentence.)

Taste and see. These are verbs. These are action words. Notice David doesn’t say, “Hang out and see that the Lord is good.” He doesn’t say, “Go about your busy schedule and see that the Lord is good.” He doesn’t say, “Sit back, relax, do nothing and see that the Lord is good. No, he says, “Taste and see.” The deal is, these words require action on our part.

Here’s the thing…I have witnessed so many folks leave their church because they “weren’t being fed.” But as I have observed these people, they’re hit or miss on Sunday mornings at best. They aren’t engaged in a Sunday school, small group, or Bible study. They’re consumed with the busyness of life, yet get frustrated by their place of worship because they “aren’t being fed.”

Taste and see...

Taste and see…

The truth is, we can’t be spiritually spoon-fed the rest of our lives. At some point we’ve got to stop placing the blame for our non-spiritual-growth on others. We’ve got to come to the banquet table ourselves. We’ve got to take off our bib, pick up a fork, and dive in. We’ve got to dig in to God’s Word, develop a thirst for more of Him, and be fully engaged in a community of solid Believers in Jesus. When we realize that our spiritual growth is our responsibility—not our pastor’s, not our Sunday school teacher’s, not our spouse’s, nor anyone else’s—when we get serious about really knowing God intimately, we will join David in saying, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!”

So what are you waiting for? Grab your fork and dive in!

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!”


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2 thoughts on “GRAB YOUR FORK AND DIVE IN!

  1. Bunny Mosley on said:

    Beth I really appreciated reading your blog this morning. It was interesting to read, but also deep in thought and challenge. I shall taste more deeply today.

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