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Go ahead. Dance like a chicken.

Dance Like a Chicken

Dance Like a Chicken

Why aren’t you dancing? 😉

Why are you still reading this blog?

You’re supposed to be dancing like a chicken! Don’t you know it’s National Dance Like a Chicken Day? Yeah…who knew, right?

So go ahead and dance. How does one dance like a chicken, you might ask? Beats me! I reckon you could do the world famous “Chicken Dance.” You know, that silly little dance that’s done at parties, youth camps, and wedding receptions? I suppose you might try bobbing your head up and  down, flapping your arms around in some rhythmic fashion, or even crowing like a rooster as part of your dancing. I don’t think it really matters as long as you dance like a chicken sometime today.

Whatever you do, I think it takes a little “letting go” on your part. You see, sometimes we’re far too self-conscious to really enjoy the moment. We get far too caught up in what people might think if we really “let it all hang out.” I mean, aren’t we supposed to be refined, well-mannered, respectable, and well-behaved people? But wait, there’s a part of me that thinks those things sound a little too confined.

Back in 1989, country singer Kathy Mattea released a single called Come From the Heart. Here’s the chorus:

You got to sing like you don’t need the money

Love like you’ll never get hurt

You got to dance like nobody’s watchin’

It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work

If we really embrace the essence of this song, it’s about letting go. It’s about living what’s in our heart, not our brain. It’s about not trying so hard all the time. It’s about giving ourselves permission to go out of our comfort zones, even if it’s for a brief moment.

So I say celebrate your inner-“poultry-ness”, and dance like a chicken today. Sing, love, and dance today with reckless abandon. You never know…perhaps National Dance Like a Chicken Day will be the start of a whole new you.


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One thought on “DANCE LIKE A CHICKEN!

  1. Binny on said:

    I’m on this one. I can do it! Where do I sign up for the contest? Is there an age limit? Binny

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