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Goliath. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Big…daunting…ginormous…scary…intimidating…overwhelming…defeat…threatening…?

If you believe what the bible says about a guy named Goliath, then he was indeed ginormous—over 9 feet tall! And the story in the bible records that this Goliath taunted and threatened Israel’s army to the degree that they were terrified, gripped with fear, broken down, and deeply shaken. It goes on to say they were so afraid they turned tail and ran.

Now…let me ask you…metaphorically speaking, do you have any “Goliaths” in your life right now? Anything you’re facing or up against that you’d consider huge, scary, overwhelming, intimidating, or daunting? Anything that rather than face into, you’d like to turn tail and run away from?

We all experience stuff like that at one time or another, don’t we? Life isn’t always a piece of cake or a bed of roses. We have health scares, financial burdens, parenting struggles, job challenges, deadlines, and relationship conflicts. And these things can be frightening. They can be overwhelming. We can certainly feel like they are huge and defeating, can’t we?

Well, the rest of the story in the bible says that a little shepherd kid named David was certain he could defeat this enemy of Israel. So he took his staff and sling, went down to the stream, chose 5 smooth stones, and approached Goliath. Scripture doesn’t say, but I bet David took some time choosing the best 5 smooth stones he could find. He had to have known what size, shape, and weight to choose in order to put himself in a position of potential success. He had to have patiently sought out 5 of the best stones in the stream to arm himself in the battle against Goliath.

5 stonesSo, let’s recall your “Goliath” for a moment—your current challenge, difficulty, or hardship. Metaphorically speaking again, what “5 smooth stones” should you seek out to prepare you to face this frightening, overwhelming, intimidating circumstance? Maybe you need the stone of prayer? Perhaps you need stones of wise counsel, humility, or effort? Maybe your stones need to be the Word of God, engaging the help of accountability partners, or forgiveness? There are numerous possibilities here. But the challenge for each of us as we face the hard stuff in our lives is to make the trek to the stream, and carefully select 5 smooth stones. If we don’t, we like the Israelites, will cave under the pressure of our ensuing Goliath. We will live in a perpetual state of terror, gripped with fear, broken down, and deeply shaken.

Embedded in the old hymn Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, there’s a line which says “Here I raise my Ebenezer, Here by Thy great help I’ve come.” I bet you’ve always wondered what in the world “Ebenezer” means, haven’t you? Well, interestingly enough it means “stone of help.”

So, go seek out 5 smooth stones just like David. Arm yourself for your battle. Put yourself in a position of potential success. And right here, right now, raise your “Ebenezer” (your stone of help) as you face your “Goliath.”


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2 thoughts on “5 SMOOTH STONES

  1. larainne on said:

    pray for me . . . please . . . and for my family . . . through april 18, facing a goliath

    • Please know, Larainne, that I will pray for you over these next few days. I am lifting you and your family up in the powerful name of Jesus that you may have the courage and strength to face this Goliath. I am praying that God will reveal Himself in powerful ways to you and your family. I’m praying for God’s peace to flood your lives as you look to Him, follow Him, and trust in Him.

      Keep me posted…

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