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Every girl needs a vampire. Wait…what? Yes, every girl needs a vampire. Well…let me clarify…that’s what the t-shirt read. Recently I saw a cute little 6th grade girl wearing a t-shirt that read “Every girl needs a vampire.” Now, I know with the recent success of the Twilight book and movie series that vampires are quite popular. (Or maybe “success” is an understatement. Perhaps it’s more of an ambush, barrage, or onslaught.) But, c’mon. Seriously? Every girl needs a vampire? I don’t think so. But it did get me thinking. What does every girl need?

Let me make something clear right away. I am a mom of teenage boys. I’m thankful I’m not raising teenage girls in this day and age. Props to those of you who are. So, I don’t claim to be an expert on what they truly need. However, two facts remain. First, many moons ago (more than I care to admit), I was a teenage girl. And second, I have closely observed family and friends and their daughters. And I do believe there are some key things that every girl needs. (Sorry, a vampire did not make my list.)

7 Things a Girl Needs: 

1)    A DAD—This is huge! Every girl needs a father who is fully engaged in his daughter’s life. She needs a dad who is far more than just “in the picture.” She needs him to demonstrate love, respect, leadership, etc. She needs him to show her what a true gentleman is. She needs him to treat her like a lady, make her feel special and valued. She needs him to model the qualities he would one day want her to choose in her future husband. Every girl needs a dad.

2)    A MOM—Moms, don’t be offended that I put you 2nd. Every girl needs a mom who does most of the things her dad does. She needs a mom who will guide and direct her, love and support her, etc. Every girl needs a mom who will correct her, discipline her, extend tough love, and occasionally allow her to fail. She needs a mom who teaches her to be strong and confident, yet act like a lady. However, she does not need a mom who will be her “BFF” all through elementary, middle, and high school. Every girl needs a mom.

3)    A CHEERLEADER—Yep…that’s right. Every girl needs a cheerleader in her life who tells her she can achieve, who picks her up when she’s down, who encourages her to keep trying, and who tells her she’s wonderful. She needs someone on her team. She needs someone who is vocally on her side. She needs someone who rallies the troops of reassurance or inspiration around her that will boost her confidence and embolden her to win. Every girl needs a cheerleader.

4)    AN ADVOCATE—She needs someone who is willing to go to bat for her, willing to fight for her, campaign for her, back her, and believe in her. She needs someone who intercedes on her behalf. She needs a champion, a supporter. Every girl needs an advocate.

5)    A CONFIDANTE—A true, tested, wise, and faithful confidante. She needs someone to confide in. Someone who won’t judge her or criticize her. She needs someone who she can share whatever lurks in her heart or brain without the risk of being laughed at or mocked. (Moms, be careful that you don’t “own” or “demand” this one…this one might not necessarily be you.) Every girl needs a confidante.

6)    A MENTOR—She needs someone to invest in her. Someone who’s willing to walk alongside her and guide her, to teach her right from wrong, to help her with tough decisions, to teach and counsel her. She needs an experienced individual who will lovingly and gently call her out when she’s out of line and direct her back to the right bath. Every girl needs a mentor.

7)    A ROLE MODEL—She needs good, wholesome, honest, hard-working women to observe from a distance and glean from. She needs to seek out other women—whether it’s up close and personal, or from afar—who she admires for the right reasons. She needs to take note of the favorable, positive qualities in women she respects and has high regard for. Every girl needs a role model.

Again…I want you to know that I’m not an expert, a counselor, or psychologist. I’m a mom who has seen countless young ladies make poor choices and get into all kinds of trouble. My heart breaks for them.

And I realize that there are those of you out there (whether you’re a single parent, divorced parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.) who are doing your absolute best at raising your daughter (or granddaughter, or young lady in your custody). I know there are less than ideal circumstances and situations that exist in our world, and we strive to put forth our best effort in spite of these challenges. I applaud all of you who are raising young ladies who are experiencing difficulties.

But with regard to all of the issues and challenges that constantly bombard kids today, there’s one thing I’m sure of…every girl does not need a vampire.

What else might you add to the list of seven things girls need?


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One thought on “7 THINGS A GIRL NEEDS

  1. Bill Pearce on said:

    Loved the comments…right on! Praying that every kid experiences at least half of these.

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