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The Kansas City Chiefs are the talk of the town. Better than that, they’re making national news this week. Why? Did they knock out an undefeated team? Did one of its players reach a career milestone? Was there a phenomenal athletic play that only the best of the best could have made? No, no, and…no. The Kansas City Chiefs are making national news based NOT on their performance, but on the performance of their so-called “fans.” I’m sure you’ve heard by now. Their starting (and struggling) QB Matt Cassel got decked on a play in the 4th quarter and Chiefs fans didn’t grimace or gasp. They cheered! Shame on you, Chiefs fans!

KC Chiefs

Shame on you, Chiefs fans!

Eric Winston, Chiefs tackle, gave the media an earful after the Sunday’s game rightfully scolding, castigating, and condemning the grossly inappropriate behavior of the Chiefs fans. He called it “100% sickening.” He added “if you are one of those people that were out there cheering or even smiled when he got knocked out, I just want to let you know, and I want everybody to know, that I think it’s sickening and disgusting.”

I wasn’t at the game, but was watching it on TV. Eric Winston is right. Chiefs fans blew it that day. They showed an evil side of themselves that will forever leave a blemish on an otherwise decent reputation. And it wasn’t that they got caught up in the heat of the moment. It wasn’t that they were frustrated at the dismal play of Matt Cassel, the offense, the defensive secondary, the pitiful play calling, etc. I don’t believe that. It runs deeper.

I was at the home opener this year and I witnessed a similar sickening display from the Chiefs fans myself. At halftime, the KU Marching Jayhawks took to the field to provide the halftime entertainment. And guess what? Chiefs fans booed! Yes…I’m serious. I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and completely understand the lifelong rivalry between KU and MU. It’s intense. Any time these two teams square off it is sheer cutthroat on the court/field and off. But why, oh why, the Chiefs fans had the audacity to “boo” a marching band that came to entertain them at halftime is beyond me. I was shocked and embarrassed. Again, shame on you, Chiefs fans!

Can Chiefs fans redeem themselves? Will the Chiefs tolerate this new “fanaticism” brewing in their stands? Can Arrowhead Stadium regain the reputation of being one of the best atmospheres in the NFL? Only time (and behavior) will tell.


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2 thoughts on “SHAME ON YOU, CHIEFS FANS!

  1. Yes, they can redeem themeselves, but it will take years. One silly little unthoughtful moments are exactly what newscasters love to keep throwing in offenders faces. Better think before you join the crowd !

  2. Melody Shaw on said:

    I totally agree with your thoughts. I did not witness the game on TV but did hear about it and saw reruns on TV. I to was embarrassed that our fans responded in such a disrespectful manor. I use to go to the games and love as you say a good rival between teams, but in general I think the sportmanship and overall actions of many of the fans is out of control. It use to be a place that was good family entertainment. If I had small children today it would not be someplace I would take my kids. too much inappropriate activity and language. Come on Kansas City Fans it’s time to clean up our act.
    M. Shaw

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