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Who comes up with these paint color names anyway? Seriously! And how do they do it? Do they just blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind? I don’t get it. I’m almost convinced they’re not paint colors at all. I think they’re personality descriptors. Pick a color…pick a personality for the day! 🙂

Check these out (Yes…these are all official paint colors…I didn’t make these up):

  • Fashion Week
  • Lucky You
  • Va Va Voom
  • Pedicure at Lunch
  • Roaming Pony
  • Go Girl!
  • Cattle Drive
  • Sweet and Sassy
  • Window Shopping
  • Peak of Perfection
  • Pick of the Patch
  • Make a Splash
  • Think About It
  • Lap of Luxury
  • Garden Beauty
  • Quiet Refuge
  • The Back Nine
  • P.J.s
  • Evening Empress
  • Dig It
  • Chipper Tint
  • Light My Fire

Don’t these sorta sound like moods, or attitudes, or personality types? Can’t you just hear these as explanations of how you’re feeling: “I’m sitting in the Lap of Luxury today. I hit the Peak of Perfection on my work project. Tonight I’m gonna go out and Make a Splash.” Or how about describing someone else: “Ever since she turned 18 she’s been a Roaming Pony. Her parents think she’s a Garden Beauty, but I think she’s more of an Evening Empress.”

I think we should collect the most unique, inspired, clever, and stimulating paint samples everywhere we go, put them into a basket, draw them out periodically, and adopt that personality or attitude for the day. Wouldn’t that be something to shake up our sometimes hum-drum lives? Think about it…if you’re in a gloomy mood, grab that Go Girl! paint sample and see what happens. If you’ve had a hectic day and your mind is going 90mph, pull out the Think About It and Quiet Refuge samples. They just might slow you down long enough to appreciate the simple things in life. Pick a color…pick a personality! (Or attitude, or mood, or disposition, or focus…)

So, bless all the people who creatively come up with names of paint color. They give us a good chuckle, a great baffled look on our faces, something to talk about, AND a way to lighten our mood or shift our focus.

What paint color best describes your personality today? Please share it with all of us…


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