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Christian wife, mom, & author. Doing life with my eyes fixed on Jesus. I walk, I stumble, I fall. But God is big. And this is what I write about… Thanks for stopping by!


I recently heard the comment from someone, “We don’t remember events, we remember moments.” In my skeptical, “I-question-everything” nature, I did a quick, 30 second review of my 44 years of life to see if I could prove him wrong. But I couldn’t. He was right. (Granted, my memory is not as keen as it used to be. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. :-)) 

But as I reflected upon his statement and pondered the events of my life, it’s absolutely true. We remember moments. Short, indefinite periods of time. Specific instances or points of time. Portions.

Through the wonderful world of Facebook…(okay, it’s not that wonderful)…I’ve gotten re-acquainted with my childhood best friend. What a blessing that has been for me! When we get together now, (after years of not seeing each other) we never fail to reminisce about some of the “moments” we shared together as kids. It’s hilarious. It’s glorious. It’s a connection we’ll always share. And now we’re making new “moments.” New memories. New connections.

A moment is an indefinitely short but significant period. It comes from the Latin momentum which first meant “moving power.” A moment is an instant. A moment is important. A moment has weight. A moment has the power to move.  

Think about it. A moment is:

  • A thank-you note
  • A hospital visit
  • A rush of adrenaline on a crazy dare
  • A conversation over coffee
  • A glance, a smile, a tear
  • Excruciatingly awkward embarrassment that you can laugh at years later
  • A shared laugh, a shared prayer, a shared hug
  • Crashing and burning, falling down and getting up again 
  • Giving (or receiving) that special gift
  • Winning an award, losing a game

Moments have the power to move–whether positively or negatively–moments have weight. If these are the things we remember, why not stress less about the events? Why not go whole-hog into making more positive, significant, influential “moments”? Or at least, making the very most of the moments we’re given?

The late Steve Jobs said, “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” Influencing the future? Really? You bet!

That’s the power of the “moment.”

       How are you going to invest in a moment today?


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