Beth Armstrong

Christian wife, mom, & author. Doing life with my eyes fixed on Jesus. I walk, I stumble, I fall. But God is big. And this is what I write about… Thanks for stopping by!


A peculiar, yet fruity, aroma arose as I opened the door to the clothes dryer. Momentarily bewildered, “It must be the new dryer sheets,” I reasoned. I was quickly corrected, however, as I transferred the warm, soft clothes from the dryer to the laundry basket. Shards of paper began dropping on the floor, accompanied by chunks of unrecognizeable pink clods. I soon woke up from my tropically scented oblivion and realized what had happpened. Dadgum bubblegum!

I had faithfully checked the pockets! Or…so I thought. (Cargo shorts are a teenager’s best friend, but a mother’s worst nightmare.) With fear and trepidation, I moved the remaining garments in the dryer one by one into the basket. You see, truth be told, this has happened to me before. The inside of my dryer exposes the battle scars of a previous encounter with the Dadgum Bubblegum!

Fearing the worst, but hoping for the best, I checked each article of clothing. (Secretly I was elated that this particular load all belonged to my teenage sons–none of my things were going to bare the wrath of the Dadgum Bubblegum!) Much to my surprise, I found nothing. No goo. No pink slime. No stains. No defects, blemishes , or discoloration! Hallelujah! I apprehensively poked my head in the dryer. Nothing! (Except the previously caked on, carmelized, and petrified remnants from Bubblegum War #1 which took place a couple years ago.)

In my momentary frustration of having washed and dried an entire pack of gum, I had to chuckle. There is a God. He does have a sense of humor. When He created bubblegum, He knew the blunders that would abound. But I still say…Dadgum Bubblegum! 🙂

Have you ever had any excitement with that Dadgum Bubblegum? (Please share…)


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