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WHO YOU GONNA CALL? (Weighing options when making decisions)

Remember the movie Ghostbusters? And the hit song that went with it?

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, who you gonna call?”

When you’re in a predicament, what do you do? How do you make the “right” decision? More importantly, how do you figure out what God wants you to do in a given situation…especially when you’re on a short timeline?

Occasionally we find ourselves faced with the need to make a decision in a short period of time. We don’t have the luxury of waiting, praying, pouring over Scripture, weighing pros and cons, waiting some more, praying some more, and trying to hear from God. Sometimes we must act quickly. Ideally, we’d love to dial God directly (call, text, or email) and say, “Hey God, what do I do?” And ideally, we’d love for God to answer us immediately with said call, text, or email. But unfortunately, God doesn’t always work within our demands & time constraints.

Some decisions we need to make are too close to us and we can’t be objective. Decisions involving relationships or family members also involve emotions. We often get cloudy and foggy here and can’t think objectively to make right or clear decisions. Some decisions we face are just over our heads—beyond our skill or knowledge set. So in order to make wise decisions, in order to hear from God we need to get help from outsiders. We need to invite other people into our world.

But, here’s the thing…Where most people fail in the decision making process isn’t in seeking the counsel of others. We frequently ask for advice or wisdom from others. Where most of us fail, however, is who we seek it from and what we do with the advice we’re given.

I think any time we are in a predicament, when we need help, when we need to make a decision ASAP, I think there are 2 key questions we must ask:


Answer #1: GODLY PEOPLE solid in their faith and knowledge of Scripture. Seek out people with the gifts of wisdom, discernment, and knowledge. It’s almost as if these people have their hand of the pulse of God Himself. The guidance they offer is laden with the fingerprints of God. Don’t walk, but run to meet with these folks.

Answer #2: GODLY PEOPLE willing to challenge your perspective. It’s important to understand that more often than not we will receive the kind of counsel we want to hear, not necessarily the kind of counsel we need to hear. Usually when we seek advice we often turn to friends and family who are like-minded and generally agree with whatever we say. We describe our situation in such a way (perhaps leaving out key facts or circumstances) that their only option is to agree with us. And heaven forbid they disagree with us or give an opposing view! But we have to be willing to not only accept, but embrace opposing views and different perspectives from our godly friends. God puts these people in our lives for a reason. It’s good to be challenged. It’s healthy to have people push back on our perspectives. As I said earlier, sometimes we lack objectivity because the decisions we need to make are too close and we get foggy or cloudy. It’s so valuable to see our situation in a different light. So seek people willing to challenge your perspective.

Answer #3: GODLY PEOPLE who are willing to walk with you. It isn’t very comforting to have folks in your life who say “Here’s my advice…see you later.” How much better it is to seek out people who will periodically check in with you and the decision you made. These folks are valuable because they will continue to offer counsel in a week, month, or year…perhaps even a lifetime!


Answer #1: Take it? Will you receive, seize, grab hold of, embrace, incorporate, welcome, and adopt their counsel?

Answer #2: Trash it? Will you completely ignore the wisdom, advice, and counsel given you? Will you lay aside the guidance that godly people have given you, thus diving headlong into what could be a selfishly driven, disastrous decision?

Ultimately, the decision does rest with you. It’s up to you how you will respond. But in closing, listen to the wise counsel of Scripture: 

  • “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel” (Proverbs 12:15).
  • “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory” (Proverbs 11:14).
  • “Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but w/ many counselors they succeed” (Proverbs 15:22).

So, in your next decision, predicament, dilemma, or quandary…Who you gonna call? And what will you do w/ what you hear?

“A wise man is he who listens to counsel.”

How do you go about making decisions? (Please share a thought or comment below…)


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