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This week I had the privilege of leading worship in our church’s Wednesday night program for elementary school kids. I get to do this each week–me, my guitar, my little friends, and their great big voices.

This past Wednesday, we were closing our worship time with Rich Mullins’ song Awesome God. Before we sang I asked the kiddos to think about how awesome God was. Then I asked them to share just why they thought He was awesome. They started firing off simple doctrinal truths like: He created us, He died for us, He forgave us, He saved us, etc. Indeed, these are definitely reasons why God is awesome. They kept going: He created the stars in the heavens, He created the oceans, animals, and all living things. Yep…true! They were really on a roll. I was loving every bit of their sweet hearts. In the midst of our theological pontificating, came this little nugget of wisdom: God is awesome…because He created nachos! (Needless to say, we digressed…but only briefly.)

We began singing “Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above, With wisdom, power and love, Our God is an awesome God.” My amazing tribe of troubadours was focused and praising God. On the last time through the song, I told the kids (who were seated as they were singing), to really sing it like they meant it. I had to fight back tears of joy when one sweet young lady immediately rose to her feet, face full of expression, and literally sang her heart out.

Yeah, God may have created nachos (Amen!)…but He also created us to worship Him.

Any time. Any day. Any age. Any place. Any way.

In what ways is God awesome to you? Please share your comments!


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4 thoughts on “GOD…AND NACHOS!

  1. Bill Pearce on said:

    I love nachos too, glad to know who created them!

  2. Jamie Owens on said:

    Thankful for that sweet little girl that BOLDLY loves Jesus!!! 🙂

  3. Jamie Owens on said:

    God is awesome to me because He has taken fear in my life and replaced it with joy! 😀

  4. Jamie, thanks for your thoughts! I love it when the kiddos express their faith in bold ways. We could learn lots from our kids sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing how God is awesome to you as well. We serve an amazing God who makes all things new! Amen!

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