Beth Armstrong

Christian wife, mom, & author. Doing life with my eyes fixed on Jesus. I walk, I stumble, I fall. But God is big. And this is what I write about… Thanks for stopping by!


Jackie Robinson was the first African American man to play major league baseball. In every stadium he faced  mocking crowds who sneered, jeered, and taunted him. During one particular game , Robinson committed an error. The fans began to ridicule him mercilessly. He stood at second base, humiliated, listening to the scornful blasts coming from the crowd. At that moment, shortstop Pee Wee Reese came over and stood next to him. He put his arm around Jackie Robinson and faced the unforgiving crowd. The fans suddenly grew quiet. Robinson later said that arm around his shoulder saved his career.

A simple act of comfort, encouragement, reassurance, and reinforcement that made a monumental impact on a guy ready to give up.

We all struggle. We all make errors. We all face opposition of some kind. And we all need people to come alongside us in the same manner of encouragement and support.

Jackie Robinson once said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Simply put, we all have the power to impact others.

Who in your life needs some reassuring today? Who do you know that needs someone to come alongside them and encourage them? What person in your world needs some comforting?

Go make an impact on someone today!


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