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There are 35 college football bowl games this year.

No, that’s not a typo. I said THIRTY FIVE. This has gotten ridiculous. How I long for the days 30 years ago when there were only 12 bowl games.

As I was perusing the schedule of games and teams this year, I found myself shaking my head at the teams who made it to a bowl game with a 6-6 record. I watched one of these teams play this week and was quickly amused when the camera panned the crowd. It seemed these fans of these mediocre teams still believed they were “number 1” because that’s what they were shouting at the camera for all the world to see.



You’re number 1? How? In what way? Your team has 6 wins and 6 losses this year.

I’m still shaking my head.

Why do we feel such a need in this country to celebrate mediocrity? Why does a team that has a .500 record deserve to play beyond their regular season? Why does the office worker get a bonus when he doesn’t meet the expectations of his job? Why does the teacher get tenured when she is subpar at best?

Because we celebrate mediocrity. We don’t confront it. We don’t tackle it. We don’t even try to correct it. We celebrate it. It’s like a disease that we cannot shake. And unfortunately we’ve gotten so good at it that it has become the norm. Anything less than celebrating mediocrity is nowadays called criticism.

When will we return to the days of addressing shabby work? When will we confront continued weaknesses and call them what they are? When will we do what needs to be done to conquer sloppiness, ineptness, incompetence, and mediocrity? When will we care enough about the future of our businesses, homes, churches, schools, and communities to demand excellence?

The maliaise of mediocrity is unmercifully meandering through much of America. Watch out…you may be its next victim!


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